Title: Consolation
Pairing: John Terry/Steven Gerrard
Rating: G
Summary: Someone came to Stevie's door after the 07/08 CL Semi-Final.
Declaimer: I don't know and own the characters. All of the content is my sick imagination.

Note: This piece is originally written in Chinese.
Just in case if you're interested, here is the link of the Chinese ver. >> 【足球同人】[EuroCL][Terry/Gerrard] 安慰 (全)


The moon was brilliant tonight. Yet, it wasn't a matter when compared with the blazing Anfield Red. The large fluttery red flags, the red-born hustle crowds, crazy scream filled with joy and hope...all these tinted the silvery sky into red.

The sounds were thrilling. Too thrilling that made Steven need time to comfort himself with the tranquility outside after he left the field.

He was totally worn out after a night of arduous battle. Plus the ecstatic celebration...it was happy but energy-consuming. Steven was glad that he hadn't fainted. Despite the excitement they felt tonight, they knew a greater challenge is waiting them ahead. Before that, no one could relax assuredly.

A car was running alongside the road, slashing the heavy darkness in the night. Steven tried hard to concentrate, in order to control the wheel properly.

Suddenly the screen of his mobile phone glinted. A line of tiny words was flashing on it: "I'm in front of yr door."

Not a long while he reached home. He turned off the engine. The air became terribly silent. The only thing he could touch and breathe was the endless darkness surrounding him. He got off the car and saw a figure in front of the gate. It looked lonely and deserted under the pale dim light released by the street lamp.

Steven approached that figure and called out softly, "John?"

His body was immediately buried into a warm, fragile but powerful embrace. Steven didn't know what to do.


"Sh, talk later..." Steven was cut off by his sentence, "let me hold you for a while, please?"

So Steven stayed quite in those arms obediently. Silence at night allowed him hearing the whimper on his shoulder. Heavy heartbeats pounced into his heart through their close chests. Steven could feel the pain he had. And it hurts.

In response, Steven put his palms on John's back lightly. They remained silent and cuddled each other for a long time – they didn't know how long it was. John didn't let go of Steven, until he felt his shoulder aching and legs wearying.

"Am I bothering you?" he asked in a low, soft voice.

Steven reluctantly shook his head before saying, "I think you don't want to see me." He stroked the band of hair beside John's temple.

"I think so, " he replied, gently lifting Steven's hand up to his chest. "But I want to hold you so bad. I just couldn't stop it…"

His voice was a bit thick. Although Steven couldn't see his face clearly under the weak blurry light, he believed that his eyes were red.

"I have to go." John whispered into Steven's ear, "Move on, Stevie. Get that fucking Cup back for me."

The same as what he told him on the pitch.

And Steven nodded, "of course. I will."

They shared a gentle hug for the last second. Then John walked pass Steven and left. Steven heard John's steps at his back but he didn’t turn.

Move on.

He looked upon the infinite, dark blue sky. A few small crystal-like stars were glowing silently. The glassy moon was shining with delicacy and tenderness like the magic hand of a mother, soothing all our grief and sorrows.



Author's note:

I'm delighted that Liverpool is getting into the CL Final. Yet at the same time I'm upset about JT...
I like him. So I try to write this for encouraging him, me myself and everyone...
Hope this stuff isn't bad or makes you feel weird...:P

Move on Scousers! I know you can do it. Love ya! ;P